This is where our most frequently asked questions will be housed for our service and things that we’ve learnt over our years of being technicians.

General Questions

The two technicians (Heather and Todd) and the senior technician (Ferenc) all did their undergraduate degrees at this University, Foivos studied Physics through the Open University.

Bonus points: Heather and Todd are also doing post-graduate degrees here!

We’re on the fourth floor of the Sarah Swift Building, SSB4217.
Anything and everything! We’re happy to give guidance and assistance on anything and if we can’t, we can try to direct you to a useful resource.

We try our best to help with whatever we can but the areas that we’re particularly useful in and can assist you with are:

  • Hardware use and equipment guides
  • Software use, such as building and programming experiments
  • Video (and audio) editing guidance!
  • Experimental guidance and advice
  • Lending out testing equipment
  • Providing assistance when things go wrong with any of our systems (or just general questions!)
  • And providing a little of calming and re-assuring technical magic when nothing seems to work – we’ve all had those days!


Scale of Awesomeness

Really – it’s incredibly fun and rewarding.


You can request an account here with your student credentials.

We must also point out that you just need to read the instructions on the side of the screen when requesting an account – please note that you do not need to enter your full email address – just your student number . If you enter anything else, you will be unable to log into the system.

On the Psychology Subject Site on Blackboard, under a tab labelled SONA Experiment Management System.

Alternatively, if you have more questions, please contact us on our regular email.

The technicians will also be adding SONA guides to our Software Guides.


Please sign up here with your student details by going to request an account – and read the Qualtrics account creation guide on Blackboard! Please note: it will only let valid members sign up to the system.

Make sure you sign up using that link only!

Make sure you read our Qualtrics account creation guide available under the Qualtrics tab on the Psychology Subject Site on Blackboard!

Do not get a free Qualtrics account as it has limited features and is not included as part of our service – if you do, it may delay testing while your account is transferred!
Contact us as we have to call Qualtrics, but essentially, you have two options:

A) You can export your survey, delete your account and import your survey on the new account, if the survey isn’t live and collecting responses.

B) You can move your account to under the organisation (this can take up to 5 working days).
The technicians have produced a range of guides, which can be found under our Software Guides section. Or alternatively, you can visit Qualtrics University.
Qualtrics University is an extensive knowledge base of a very large number of functions that you could use Qualtrics for.

Chances are if you’re looking for answers that aren’t covered in our guides, you’ll find them on here.

Booking Out Equipment and Tests and Accessing Rooms

Please visit the technicians or contact us to book out equipment, to see what equipment we have available and to ask us any equipment related question – we’ll try our level best to help you!

We lend out equipment for a week at a time, to borrow equipment for longer you just have to renew it every week, the same as borrowing books from the Library. If you are very late returning equipment we may charge a small fine, the value of which will increase the later the equipment is but will cap at the cost of replacing the equipment.

(P.S. Being technicians, we can and do tend to try and solve all problems with some form of technology – so even if you have some novel or weird idea that you think will never work in a million years, run it by us if you just want someone to chat to – we’re good at gauging feasibility!)

We manage access to all the rooms on our side of the Sarah Swift Building. All students should have access to the wing doors, computer labs and research cubicles by default, so if you don’t please let us know!

For access to restricted labs you will need to fill out a Room User Consent Form, then we can add you in on the system. Once you’re added you just need to swipe your card at an update point and you’re away!

You can come collect equipment from us in our office for the prescribed time periods.

If you do not bring equipment or keys back, our automated equipment database will email you for when your items are overdue.

If the items have been overdue for a while – say a week or two, we shall be personally chasing it up and trying to find it.