Novelty Response Units

Cleaning out the office today we stumbled upon some cool pieces of kit, if anyone needs some novelty response units for their research project please let us know!

Here’s the details, from left to right:
Penny Giles Roller Plus for PC – A big rolling ball with buttons all around, sits on a table and connects to a PC via a PS2 cable, you might remember these from the old-style computer mice that had a rolling ball on the bottom.
Penny Giles Joystick Plus for PC – Same as the Roller Plus but with a joystick rather than a rolling ball.
Headway Head Pointer – A rolling ball and a few buttons on a handheld unit (can be used as a mouse), connected to a big red button that sits on the table. Also plugs into computers via a PS2 cable.
Foot Switch- What it says on a tin, a switch that sits on the floor which you can activate with your foot. Connects via a 2.5mm mono plug.