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Setting up an account on Qualtrics

Heather's video guide to making a Qualtrics account with the University.

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Setting up an account on SONA

Heather's video guide to making a SONA account with the University.

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Enquiries about equipment

Go to our online equipment database to find out what equipment we have.

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Who are we?

The Technician team is compromised of a senior technician and two technicians who work during the week and run a drop in service. See below for more information on the team, including when each person is in the office.

If you’d like to contact us, please see the Contact Us page.



Senior Technician

Ferenc is a senior technician specialising in programming, with interests in VB.Net/Python/HTML/CSS/Js, as well as fabrication and experimental building.

His working days are:

Monday – Friday




Todd is a technician specialising in Matlab and basic coding, with an interest in Vision Science and experimental psychology.

His working days are:

Wednesday – Friday




Heather is a technician specialising in Qualtrics, with an interest in mobile phone usage, its applications and wearable technologies.

Her working days are:

Monday – Wednesday




Foivos is a technician specialising in programming, with an interest in Unity development.

His working days are:

Tuesday – Thursday

Need to reach us urgently?

Try Slack! Slack is a group messaging service, like WhatsApp, which we all have on our phones. If you need to contact us in a hurry, it’s the best way to do so.

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Featured Content

This is where we will be adding in some of our featured sections which we’ll change every so often – currently, they just link to sections of the site you may find useful!


How many technicians are there in the tech team?


There are three: one Senior Technician and two Technicians.

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How can I contact the Psych Techs?


You can come in to see us in person, or check the Contact Us section of this site.

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What kind of problems can the psych techs help with?


You name it! Advice, technical support, study tips. If you're unsure, just ask.

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