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The Psychology Technicians would like to welcome you to the site. Please have a browse and use the menu for navigation! If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Who are we?

The Technician team is compromised of a senior technician and three technicians, we provide a weekday drop-in service for staff and students to help with queries about your research. See below for more information on the team, including when each person is in the office.

If you’d like to contact us, please see the Contact Us page.



Senior Technician

As the senior technician, Ferenc manages the other technicians and helps with high-level research requirements. He specialises in VB.Net, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VR/AR devlopment, fabrication and electrical engineering.

His working days are:

Monday – Friday




Todd specialises in Matlab and psychophysics, he can help you with quantitative and experimental research designs.

His working days are:

Wednesday – Friday




Heather specialises in mobile phone usage and wearable technologies. She can help you with qualitative and Qualtrics-based research, as well as using R.

Her working days are:

Monday – Wednesday




Foivos specialises in Unity development, he can help you with programming your experiment and analysing your data.

His working days are:

Tuesday – Thursday

Drop-in Sessions

Our office is open to drop-ins between 10AM and 5PM every weekday, please feel free to come in. Sadly we have to keep our door closed for fire safety, but metaphorically speaking it is always open! You can also book meetings with us by emailing psychtech@lincoln.ac.uk.

  • We are located on the fourth floor of the Sarah Swift Building:

Duty Technician Times

Each week we each set aside certain times when we’re available to be the first port of call for any problems you have. When you come into the office, please go to whoever is on duty first.

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Enquiries about equipment

Go to our online equipment database to find out what equipment we have.

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Need to reach us urgently?

Try Slack! Slack is a group messaging service, like WhatsApp, which we all have on our phones. If you need to contact us in a hurry, it’s the best way to do so.

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